little britty: Essentially, today’s Tom Sawyer. Wishes superheroes were real and magic existed.

chrissypoo: chrissypoo who? Knows superheroes aren’t real…but also knows…magic. Thinks little britty is…cute.

Chateau Woo Woo: This is little b’s home base. A strange little home more fantasy land than house. little britty has the run of the place on that crazy big wheel of his.

Misty Lane: The street where the Chateau is built and the big wheel rolls.

The Park: Where Vanz and his friends have jumps to ride. Sometimes little b is allowed there to go “watch”.

Mom and Dad: No last name needed. They keep little britty fed and on the right path…as on the right path as they can for a little rebel like b.

Vanz: little britty’s brother. Work gets in the way of his BMX riding and Heelz gets in the way of everything else.

Heelz: little britty’s baby sitter. Vanz has a crush on her but she’s…not interested…yet.

Hippie Love: The neighbor from the next town over. Hippie takes it all in stride. One flip flop at a time.

Baink Stur: You are paying that loan back WITH interest? Right?

…There’s much more to come but…tales must unfold mustn’t they?