There’ll be additions to the crew below. For now…these are the characters that inhabit the land of britty…

little britty

A little kid in a big world.To him life is about fun, a big wheel and trying to see through a sea of...legs.


little britty's admirer. Chrissypoo looks out for him when trouble is ah brewing.

miss pickles

chrissypoo's faithful boston. She seems to have a thing for little b as well. If you mess with chrissy, you're gonna get..pickled.

baink stur

Makes sure the numbers always wind up in...his favor.


little britty's older brother. He rides BMX, works full time and has a crush on heels.

chrissypoos mom

It's like that old saying..."It's not nice to fool with...chrissypoo's mom..."


She came up with the name little britty. When the street lights come on, the big wheel better be parked.


A hardworking guy who is prone to wearing work boots.

hippie love

The neighbor from the next street over. Always relaxed, never upset.


The next door neighbor who watches little britty on occasion.

george will

On the run from the drone army after the "Only Us" act is passed, George is attempting to find a way to break his parents out of the "Fake Citizens" Camp...


Friends of chrissypoo, these little lads are friends of do gooders and the earth itself. Small in stature, they are quick to a good smoke and a laugh or two. But you best not mess with any of their creations...they have tight control over the natural world.

barnie sinders

The new guy in town. It helps to have people in high places.


Known by many names across the ages, sinter is a jolly dude in a gift giving mood who's part time job from delivering presents is...righting wrongs.

dan chump

The unduly elected by an archaic system self styled hot head despot of earth cheeto or earth-c. The only person who makes him nervous is barnie sinders of earth-c whom he hasn't months.

ebb will

One of George's Moms on Earth-C. Scientist.

penance pumpkin

Once one gazes into the head of P. Pumpkin you must confess all that you have ever done wrong or face...the consequences...


The enabler of all of baink stur's little shenanigans. Someone has to ok the laws that baink stur uses...

flow will

George's other Mom on Earth-C. She's an environmentalist.

rpa agent

The Rad Projects Administration is actually an inter-multiversal agency dealing with keeping the forces of evil and overall poopooness at bay. Their agents are everywhere...