Yepper, little b and his cohorts recognize Christmas. That’s the “end of the year” holiday his family, buds and buddettes, celebrate. Does that make little britty a Christian? Nah, he’s just a kid. A kid enjoying  a holiday and a time of year that should be for kids and kids at heart.

What little b is celebrating is the spirit of the season. Which is what this time of year is really all about. A lot of people want to claim this part of the year as their own but come on now… we know it’s not just one groups time, it’s everyone’s time. We’re all celebrating the end of one year, the end of the long dark, (the winter solstice) and welcoming in all the possibilities of a New (gregorian) Year.

New years usually mean a lot of change and no group of people are better able to handle change than the youth. If there is one thing little b is ready for…it’s change and it’s coming like a big wheel careening down a hallway at full clip.

Even though little britty celebrates “Christmas”, his crew is just as happy to see everyone enjoying themselves and enjoying their own version of their traditional year end celebrations.

So the next time anyone gets defensive about “their” holiday, remind them that even though we are all different, we all made it through another year together…which makes us…all the same.

We’re all just big kids in a little world that keeps getting smaller, so it’s better to make friends than enemies…or at least know who the “enemy” really is.

Happy Everything,