A place where what adults say is taken literally, where the universe is as large as a city block, and the day outside the home ends when “the street lights come on”.

For little britty it’s hard to see what’s going on because he’s stuck in a sea of legs. Everyone is taller than him. His only way to differentiate people is by what they have covering their thighs, calves and feet.

His home is a strange little place that Mom and Dad call the “Chateau Woo Woo”. Antics and shenanigans abound there. It’s the only house around with a jump in the yard.

little britty himself dreams of a day when his feet reach the pedals of a real bike like his brother has. He has the fire inside of a little rebel…but this one has a clue. His hair is a big mop on his head, but it’s jammed underneath various hats handed down to him by his brother vanz. He reads comics and thinks he’s a superhero who can save the world but doesn’t quite know why it needs saving. Sometimes people make fun of him because of his big hair but there’s at least one other person out there who thinks he’s just…magical. She’s got her eyes on little b, he just isn’t aware of it yet.

Using his imagination, his big wheel and his innate ability to know right from wrong little britty is about to set some people straight.

To the world right now he is just a little kid with some big hair and a big wheel…soon though he will be a big…deal.

“go big wheel…or go home…”