Brett doing a lawnwmoverHi,

I’m Brett Middaugh, the creator and “artist” of little britty and the big wheel. I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey and unlike the media’s portrayal of people from my state, not a completely unhinged knucklehead. What I do have from being a New Jerseyian ‘lo these many years is an offbeat sense of humor and a strange sense of how the world works.

Over the years I’ve had many hobbies in life from reading comic books to BMX racing and freestyling as well as being a big graphic art and computer nut. Essentially I love the creative process.

In 2007 with the wonderful woman in my life, Miss Christine Blake, we embarked upon building a home near the NJ shore area that we eventually nicknamed, Chateau Woo Woo. In this environment I began to dream up a way of unleashing those years of pent up creativity to the world.

For a time it was with a resurgence in the BMX world, covering local events and celebrities, then it was a jaunt into photography and my personal website,, after that a small stint doing 3D pinups and finally I spent a year writing “The Average BMXer”, a story about my life in the local New Jersey BMX scene during its formative years.  All those hobbies were an interesting distraction but I really felt the need to combine all these learned skills into one platform where I could put them into a single narrative.

That’s where little britty came in.

On a trip back from our favorite place to unwind, New Hope, Pennsylvania, I was laughing with Christine about our childhood and our use of big wheels back then. How they were such an integral part of our lives as children in the 70’s. We were having a good time reminiscing and I made a joke about a comic strip that would delve into that great time that would use my Mom’s old nickname for me, “little britty”. We laughed, but then as we talked out some ideas, it began to take on a life of its own.

From that trip and comment little britty was “born”. In the late summer and fall of 2013 I began to put together the idea of little b and the world he inhabits. A world we all…almost live in but this one is from the view of a person who only sees a “sea of legs”…

Original lil bSo that’s where little britty came from, for more on me…um…Big Britty, you can check out a little bio I have on my personal site For a in depth look at my life, (if you are into that sort of thing…trust me the comic strips are more fun!) you can check out my book, “The Average BMXer”. Which goes into my upbringing and life as a BMX rider during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…an interesting time to grow up to say…the very least. It’s available at on ebook and hardcover and at as well.

As you can see…I’m not lying when I say big wheels were a big part of my life as a kid…look familiar?

…hehehe, little britty, it’s gonna be a fun ride, let’s just hope the wheel doesn’t wear out too fast…